The Remembered Flame

In late 2019 we (the Bowerbird Collective) were invited to perform in the jaws of the mighty eagle at Kangaroo Island’s Remarkable Rocks. The occasion was officially a celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Flinders Chase National Park, but less officially it was a peaceful protest against the proposed development within the National Park (Public Parks, Not Private Playgrounds). Dozens of KI residents gathered together for an afternoon of music, speeches and comradery. Only a few months later, the area was decimated by fire. In September 2020, we ventured back to the island to witness the state of recovery and regeneration. The experience was bittersweet, with fresh green shoots in abundance, but a disturbingly apparent reality of the time and complexity of the recovery of this unique and precious landscape. Footage collected from that visit made its way into this petite art film, which celebrates the beauty and fragility of the area. Combined with a soundscape designed by Simone Slattery, and poetry by Maggie Slattery, the film is a slow moving meditation, much like the regeneration taking place on the island. The full length film (8 mins) has been featured in art exhibitions, and was selected as a finalist in the Nature Festival SA Film Festival in 2022.

If you would like to watch the complete video please contact me here or through

Simone Slattery - music, narration, production

Anthony Albrecht - footage

Maggie Slattery - poetry